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knife disguised as key

December 10, 2020 by 0

You can use this in front of people and they won't know its secret. Everyman Porter Key Knife. pin. Teenage gang members are arming themselves with knives disguised as KEYS to take on their rivals, it is being claimed. Cleverly disguised as a hair care product, this sleek 3.5-inch comb knife might be the perfect solution for you when you're on the go. share. More: Features, Gear, Goods, EDC, Knives. Key-Shaped folding knife. Unlike clunky tools, everyone can use a simple spike or knife disguised as accessories or key chains. POLICE seized a staggering 435 knives from a single property during a raid. Author: Mike Newman. Part Number: JPXS-6: Reviews. An incredible early 19th Century French all steel flintlock pistol and church door key disguised as a knife contained within an antique mahogany writing box. In the Shop . The narrow steel blade is concealed inside a 6.5-inch comb, and no one will know you are carrying a knife unless you tell them you are. The pocket knife-esque blade can handle small assignments without weighing down that mess of metal in your pants pocket. Last one. 7 Item(s) Show. The large church key has a small latch that upon release opens a a small flick knife / dagger. 5. Police teams tackling knife crime executed a warrant at an address in Bexhill on Tuesday (29 September) and seized 435 knives. Special Price $4.21 . UK bloodbath: Gangsters buying deadly 60p knives disguised as KEYS to slash rivals. Knives > Disguised; Disguised. Never be without a knife again with this uniquely designed knife that is disguised as a key! Quality: Price: Value: I've had great luck with these picks. The single barrel pistol of steel construction having the jaws, frizzen and hammer still intact. A hidden knife is the perfect gift for anyone whom you would wish to be secretly armed. At first glance, this may appear to be a regular vintage key, but you’ll quickly see that it has other mechanisms built into it, and that’s because it’s a fully-functional gun. Key Screw. May 20, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Danville Outdoors. On each product listing, information on … Introducing, Monkey Fist Self Defense Keychain is the tool you need. Watch Queue Queue. Gang members are using knives disguised as keys to slash rivals, with blades that cost just 60p on sites such as eBay. Another great feature of this item is the pen actually works! Disguised Weapons: The Law Enforcemnt Guide To Covert Guns, Knives, And Other Weapons A knife disguised as a key. email. The brutal weapons are available to buy on sites like eBay for just ($0.99) 60p and are said to be particularly popular with drug gangs because they are so hard to spot, according to reports. Disguised knives are a lot like disguised pepper sprays that give the user a split second of extra time to deploy without an attacker knowing what’s coming. The weapon was discovered in Central Forest Park near Hanley earlier today. Not just another key on your key ring, this clandestine knife will serve you well in a pinch. Christopher Michael: Disguised gun, knife found in taxi in Preston. Get your stylish, exclusive Cute & Equipped key knife that can protect you! Apparently, you can use this thing to get out of handcuffs, or for other miscellaneous emergency applications. Ours is a close knit community whose goals are to educate our Pakistani Brethren in Gun Safety, Promote Information Exchange and Combine our Knowledge for common benefit. Watch Queue Queue Oct 25, 2011 - Pocket knife disguised as a key. This law does not permit knives disguised as other objects. Safety Technology Credit Card Foldable Knife. sms. Carabiner Knife: $6.50 via Amazon. “Phone, keys, knife, wallet, gun…” could be “Phone, keys, money clip, gun” with this money clip. (Generic photo) (Generic photo) A Preston man was found in a taxi with a disguised gun and a knife days before he stole two cars worth $245,000. Share Comments; By. Fits perfectly on my keychain and have found that it is much more useful that I thought! Police have found a knife disguised as a key in a city centre park this evening. We extend a Very Warm Welcome to all our Visitor Friends. Discover (and save!) 8. 2 3/4″ closed. Regular Price: $4.95 . Owning one will not, necessarily, get you out of trouble as it is important to know how to manage a knife in a situation requiring this. Loved this. Safety Technology Credit Card Knife has the edge on subtle personal sa... Add to Cart. The items were seized by the East Sussex Tactical Enforcement Unit and included a variety of push daggers, knives disguised as pens and house keys, flick knives and other prohibited weapons.. Because it is small enough to slip into your purse or jacket pocket, you can bring it virtually anywhere undetected. Titanium Wedding Ring “Knife”/Escape Tool: $69 via Amazon. SKU: 95-M46L. We also found deadly knives disguised as belts, pens, credit cards and keys. GANG members are using knives disguised as keys to slash rivals. If you need something to carry along, get the cat self defense keychain. Disguised Weapons: The Law Enforcemnt Guide To Covert Guns, Knives, And Other Weapons [Meissner, Craig] on It's no mermaid necklace pocket knife, but it's still great. The high carbon stainless steel blade is 2″ long and is housed in a realistic looking key that is made from aluminum. By Joe Hinton 04.07, 15 Jul 2018 UPDATED 14.07, 16 Jul 2018. Unlike clunky tools, everyone can use a simple spike or knife disguised as accessories or key chains. The protruding ears act as blades that will fend off attackers. Like Tweet. View as: Grid List Sort By. Got it when it was a BOGO deal so I have one and also was able to give my husband one. A disguised knife looks like an ordinary device people would carry in a pocket, purse, or bag. If the person you are disguised as has equipped an unlockable weapon in the chosen slot, you will appear to be wielding the same weapon in your disguised state. The blade was disguised as a key (Image: GMP City Centre) Over the last seven days, police in the city centre have seized a kitchen knife, hunting knife, and screwdriver, as well as a craft knife to name a few. This is a website for … *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the latest potentially lethal weapon taken off the streets by police . Purchase one for yourself and have a sharp blade standing by your side able to be accessed at a moments notice. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Regular Price: $6.00 . Also includes a stainless steel screw set, and a key ring. Also called Jack Knife. SOG Specialty Knife is Disguised as a Key ($8) By Ty Sechler January 18, 2016 10:07 am. I was suprised because I thought it would have been a little bit larger but the smaller size actually works great! Weight: 21g Total Length: 4.92” Folded Length: Your mileage may vary. tweet. Perhaps they're not quite as good as a full on pick set but I've been successful with these so much so that they are my main picks. Sam Yarwood. From shop ROOSEA. The perfect companion for any key ring. The country remains in the grip of a knife- crime epidemic, with more than 260 people stabbed to death last year. Just like our industry can hide a pepper spray inside a perfume bottle, we can also hide a knife blade in a lot of different ways. Easily Concealable Ink Pen Hidden Knife. This video is unavailable. Earlier this month it was announced how a special 'task force' was being set up to tackle violent crime in Greater Manchester, including the use of knives. Automatic knives that exceed 2 inches in length are not permissible in any location open to the public, including in vehicles. Citizens can carry any folding blade knife, but a fixed blade, such as a dagger or dirk, must be open-carry in a sheath at the waist. send. The lighter and more convenient options are suitable self defense weapons for women. LETHAL: Gangs are using knives disguised as keys. Not for everyone, but a neat little tool. Disguised to look like just one of your keys, this dual-functioning keychain tool is a small and discreet way to carry around both a bottle opener and a small EDC blade on your keys at all time. Includes Cute & Equipped key knife, tassel, coil ~ Cute & Equipped Key Knife Get your stylish, exclusive Cute & Equipped key knife that can protect you! These disguised knives are perfect for home or personal self defense and can usually be hidden in plain sight out in the open. Additional Info. Special Price $5.10 . Many of the killer tools are disguised as everyday items such as keys and pens - but conceal deadly weapons to be deployed in an act of bloody espionage. Additional Info. Girls are even getting in on the act, stashing combs and lipsticks that double up as blades. Invaluable Review by Jim. $28. Continue reading to see five more real guns disguised as old keys. Pen Knife. 5 Real Working Guns Disguised as Keys October 31, 2012 2 Mins Read. 77 shares. Michael had a loaded gun disguised as a torch. On PC, a player may save themselves time by pressing the 'last disguise' key (default B) ... (ex: holding the Knife while disguised as a Scout lets you appear to equip the Bat). your own Pins on Pinterest FireArm Accesories / Gear, Knives; After The Credit Card Knife, Get Ready For The Knife Disguised As A Key; Welcome to PakGuns! A knife disguised as a key has been discovered in a car park. The sharp little knife can serve as a letter opener, box cutter, and cutting small lines. Jennifer (Thomasville, NC) - Love it! *Proof available for […] Login to see prices; Liner Lock Knife. GETTY. Review of: United Cutlery Defense Brush Knife. Share on Facebook Share via Whatsapp Share on Twitter.

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