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is hebrew hard to learn for arabic speakers

December 10, 2020 by 0

You’ll also find some great listening comprehension resources for Arabic here. the hardest part is i think fidel. This oversimplification of learning languages brushes off some of the most important aspects of the language. Tamil is a Dravidian language, which would be significantly less difficult to learn for speakers of languages from the same family. It's similar to Modern Standard but not the same. Very cool, and thank you, because I've wanted to learn Arabic for a long time and had thought (well, maybe, but I'm going to wait until I've learned a few others because I've heard how hard it is so it'll take forever to learn). Nowadays I don t understand Moroccan dialects - completely different language. Also, I completely have to disagree on the use of the Egyptian dialect. Over time you start to recognize the different forms (e.g. Otherwise, the majority of resources available for Arabic are for Modern Standard Arabic (one of my favourite being this one) and from what I understand all Modern Hebrew resources are for Standard Hebrew as there are no major dialect distinctions in Israel comparable to those in the Arabic-speaking world. The pronounciation is devoid of glottal stops and stressed H's, but these don't make arabic any harder. Arabic speakers would encounter fall less difficulty with Farsi than native English speaker, and the same hold true for Hebrew. Arabic is unequivocally one of the hardest languages for Westerners. I have had a few false starts learning Arabic and, as a languages teacher, found this discouraging. In conclusion Arabic is far more difficult than Hebrew ,Syriac,Amharic.Dispite its regular grammar and strange phonetics, you have to learn by heart most nouns and verbs.At least two forms,unless you wanna make mistakes.Arabic deserves its place next to Chinese,Japanese,Korean,etc.It is difficult,unique and (for some) sacred.So stop saying bullshit. This has meant that a lot of the old Hebrew … First and foremost, the writing system is extremely difficult for English speakers (and anyone else) accustomed to the Latin alphabet. I did one course on fus7a when I was a beginner and I just gave it up because as you say, it was taught incorrectly and even Arab students hated the class. !.Anyway ,the difficulty of a language does not to have an excuse for not learning a language.That has to be a motivation.))) Fear-mongering novice learners try to frighten other would-be learners by describing Arabic as extraordinarily difficult, and the Foreign Service Institute places it in its fifth and most difficult category, with Hebrew and Amharic in its fourth. I often feel like Darija is akin to English, in that it has many synonyms for the same idea, but each from different origins and having different nuances, because it often uses most or all of the words from Standard Arabic (with a pronunciation change), as well as synonyms from Berber, French, Spanish, Portuguese or English. In the near future I plan to learn Arabic since, it is such a beautiful language.Coming to your question or statement: I think Amharic is easier than Arabic. Hebrew Uses Cursive. I started with Classical Arabic.. because the lessons were designed for muslims, I'm not muslim, but these was the only one chance i had to learn "my language". Reading in the mirror helps him immensely, which is so fascinating to me. I would say it helped tremendously. Everything is focused on grammar, grammar, grammar, whereas the teachers of most other world languages have moved on to a communicative approach. Every Arab I’ve spoken to has been able to do the same. Hebrew today is a first language to 5-… I learned English … One more thing: in case you’re looking for an online resource to learn Arabic or Hebrew, these are the best available in terms of quality: ArabicPod101 for Egyptian, Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic. Ge'ez on the other hand is an Abugida, a much more common type of writing system than the infamous Abjad. One thing's for sure: scripts written from right to left are heaven for the left-handed. do you think Amharic native speaker could be able to speak english fluently? But what does that even mean? French majors have classes in French, so why not have our (at least upper-level) classes in Arabic? There is plenty of resources on "Engish for amharic speakers", so I will apply for "Amharic for English speakers". The explosive p, t, and s are not that hard to learn, but many people don't take the time to learn them or struggle with them. Roots make learning Arabic vocabulary much easier. Classical Arabic is the language of the Qur'an, it is not the same as written Modern Standard Arabic. I assumed I would be learning a completely alien language, but I obviously was wrong. The other is spoken Arabic, which encompasses many colloquial dialects which vary by region. I like that you broke down the problems of learning Arabic into reasonable chunks. i will learn tigrinya, just not sure how fast, but i will. That article from the BBC that I cited above makes me wonder if Arabic would be a problem for those people though. I am native speaker. If not, you'll be in good company with most Arabs. Maybe the emphasis is not to learn heavy grammar, but if any person must know know Nahu to use the Arabic language in any sort of productive way. but when it comes to write you must write it well otherwise none can read it. it's the base,it will be easy from that,to imitate whatever dialect you want,the most understood ones are the Egyptian and Syrian,because simply they are the leaders in making series,so people get to understand them with time. Good to know it's really not that bad--kinda reminds me of Chinese and Japanese actually, they're both really easy to learn if you don't count the writing system, Chinese in particular is known for having ridiculously simple grammar and Japanese grammar is also quite simple. With the mirror, he reads above grade-level. ), "ambahkou" (i am speaking ), "bi'ooluh" (they say...); etc., which are far from classical (or literary) Arabic! Gee, I wonder why, haha. If you already got past your fear of foreign scripts, amharic is really easy to learn. As you're fluent in both English and Amharic, could you consider applying for either an "English for Amharic speakers" or an "Amharic for English speakers" course here? If there is a language in this list you would like to learn and it is in a high difficult category, don’t let this stop you from learning it. Get my exclusive language learning content delivered straight to your inbox. I believe the UN rightfully estimated that learning Arabic takes a good four times as long as learning a romance language (for English speakers). but Arabic is my obssesion... unfortunately here in my country there's no arabic courses, no arabic teachers, no arabic people... so there's no way to learn it. I only studied Arabic for a semester in Egypt, but I found it much easier to navigate than Amharic, for three main reasons: 1) Lack of standardized resources for Amharic-- especially as you get into higher levels. The article cited related to 'Arabic is hard for the brain to read' was flawed. I believe that the focus on grammar in a lot of Standard/Classical Arabic instruction is largely responsible for the idea that Arabic is so hard. And which (at the moment) covers 8 dialects of Arabic (also see our Essential Arabic Verb Packs). ), etc. Thank you for mentioning that Mahgrebi Arabic really is quite different. Semitic grammar in my opinion is a heck of a lot easier than many other languages. I feel that once I get hang of one of these two languages, learning the other one wouldn't be to difficult. He has struggled some, but his current teacher (who is Israeli and has a masters in special ed) will sometimes help him by holding up a mirror when he's reading. I absolutely agree, Sara. Also, I know no Arabs, so I have no chance to speak with a real live Arab at present. Beginnig a new language needs to go to it source country. There is also a lot of vocabulary crossover, too, … that is what makes amharic easy. Yes. I had no issues with the right to left. Hebrew is written from right to left, rather than left to right. I read a lot of comments on forums and other blogs, and have received emails from people asking questions about the difficulty of Semitic languages like Arabic and Hebrew (Arabic mainly). If you tell someone that you’re studying Japanese, they’ll very likely comment on how hard the language is. Classical Arabic is the language of the Quran and other religious literature. But I was quite intimidated by comments ("Arabic is sooo difficult to learn"...) that I dropped the idea. Hebrew Reads from Right to Left. The arabic countries of Africa (Maghreb including Egypt) are not the origin source of arabic...but their dialects have most similiraties because their poeples are african not semitic like iraqian or syrian(somilar dialectes) dialectes (of English) american and canadian..... . The detailed breakdown of Arabic is eye-opening for me. Thanks a lot and keep them coming! The grammatic structure does not present too much of a problem. Congrats. the best thing in Amharic is no matter how your dialect is ugly the locals love it and understand it well. Some time ago I was thinking about learning Arabic, since it is an important world language. With Arabic in particular the most common question asked by people is: Should I learn Modern Standard Arabic or a dialect? While I do not speak Amharic I do speak Tigrinya, a language which, like Amharic, uses Ge'ez script, and though I can't gauge the difficulty of learning Tigrinya (I grew up with my parnts speaking it to me), I did learn to read Ge'ez when I was sixteen and, being literate in Arabic, I can say with confidence that Ge'ez is the easier of the two. The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) has created a list to show the approximate time you need to learn a specific language as an English speaker. That is very curious.When we speak about languages ,all is relative.))). The commas are the points at which I get tongue-tied. The best accent to learn is probably the proper Jordanian accent, both in terms of universality of meaning and closeness to the proper pronunciations of the letters and words. Interestingly, the hardest language to learn is also the most widely spoken native language in the world. One of the defining aspects of languages like Arabic (and other Semitic languages) is that most of its vocab can be derived from 3-letter roots/stems. Widely spoken which makes it more diverse. This makes learning Arabic vocabulary a cinch! The spoken use of Hebrew stopped for a few centuries, and was later reintroduced. But they are formed in odd ways. morteza :My mother language is Persian and I have to say we have the hardest language in the world because lots of slangs is invented every day and we even can’t recognize the other cities speakers accent And I think this text has been written from an western man vision Because Turkish and Arabic is so easy for us and my opinion is exactly against the writer from my vision. Not really. My son is in the second grade, dyslexic (native English speaker), but has been learning to read and write Hebrew in school since Kindergarten. He doesnt soy that Hebrew and Arabic are not hard.The only thing which he says is that the languages are not so difficult as seem or as many people think.It does not mean that he thinks the languages are easy !! In Egyptian Arabic in particular, to make a present or past tense verb negative is very similar to the way it’s done in. If I hadn't achieved this myself, I wouldn't be so confident in what I'm saying. Donovan, after reading this post, I just got motivated to learn both Arabic and Hebrew. On top of all, everything is unusual. For all dialects of Arabic, pronunciation is difficult for English speakers, as many consonants are formed at the back of the mouth. Writing in Hebrew cursive isn’t like writing in English cursive. There is a lack of resources currently, which sucks. 2) The fidel! and speaking without vowel endings?? Why is… with people. This is extremely well-done Donovan. Ploni here would be a good person to ask about dyslexic people and Hebrew. I am a native speaker of English who also happens to speak Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish, but my linguistic abilities are less a measure of my intelligence than they are of my level of “interest” in the cultures and the native speakers with whom I communicate. If you study Iraqi, Egyptians will understand you. Pretty much impossible, if you ask the Vietnamese themselves. The Geez alphabet has a big advantage though and that is that you can really read all the words after you know it, unlike the arabic script where vowels are not really written. Thanks for the article. In conclusion Arabic is far more difficult than Hebrew ,Syriac,Amharic.Dispite its regular grammar and strange phonetics, you have to learn by heart most nouns and verbs.At least two forms,unless you wanna make mistakes.Arabic deserves its place next to Chinese,Japanese,Korean,etc.It is difficult,unique and (for some) sacred.So stop saying bullshit. I have found that the Lebanese tend to run all of the consonants much more closely together and leave out most of the vowel sounds. So much of the complexity that you find in other languages just isn’t a problem for Arabic and Hebrew learners. Right now I need to learn Arabic to read the Quran. This relates to the geographic location of Palestine which is in the middle of the Arab world. The way the grammar's taught just overwhelms people. If you are never required to productively use it even in the classroom, of course you will feel that you don't know it and aren't making any progress. Because of this, acquiring and recognizing vocabulary isn’t nearly as difficult as a language like English where the words office, book and writer have no clear connection whatsoever. Learning to read from right to left was no problem compared to memorizing the different fidel and how they change based on which vowel. I meant to ask if you know of a dyslexic whose language is read from left to right doing well with writing in languages using Arabic script or the Hebrew language? It all depends on what your goals are. When I put down a German or Greek grammar and pick up my Hebrew grammar it’s like taking a breath of fresh air – seriously. I think the same comparing english to others language :his siimpliciy But english suffers like arabic from their pronunciaton....... good day..... One of the things which attracted me to Arabic and Hebrew were those granular, explosive consonants - and in the case of Hebrew- the pure vowels, like Italian or Spanish. How about Tamil ? Never use latin to write Amharic 'it is the worst thing you can ever do'. Note: If you’re learning Arabic, we’ve just created an amazing new resource for learning spoken dialects. because of the way english is, i am highly dyslexic precisely in that one, lol. I found learning Arabic to be much easier after learning Spanish. Perhaps later I will also want to read poetry. HebrewPod101 for learning spoken Hebrew. I'm starting to learn Arabic and I have a Lebanese neighbor, but our communication is sometimes poor: although we chat in my native language (Portuguese), he doesn't understand the conception of what is Modern Standard Arabic, what is Classical Arabic and what is just his dialect (being he Libanese, I think it's Levantine), I don't really know why, maybe because he came to Brazil a lot of time ago and I don't know since when these three "types" of Arabic are well separated and known by the people, since when they keep it in mind. The same rules applies for Latin (thiugh it is a "dead" language not spoken today ....we need to go in Italia .... good day......... "we needs to go in Britain not in Wales o Scotland" <- LOL. It could be difficult to learn the Hebrew alphabet, which contains 22 characters. For Russians, Bulgarians, Greeks and speakers of Asiatic languages this seems to be nothing to fuss about. And while I agree that Arabic learners should learn MSA, if you want to SPEAK Arabic without people laughing at you/feeling uncomfortable then you must learn a dialect. Fingers crossed! I don't know if I'm doing well or not, but I'm just dropping all vocal endings, because I think when people rarely uses MSA, thet don't use nounation. For starters, I'm a native Arabic speaker. Additionally, the English alphabet can't be translated to Amharic effectively. I found a teacher who was giving free online lessons.. so finally I started to learn. This problem gets better at advanced levels when you have enough words to productively use the root/pattern system. Honestly, let me mention a funny fact though English is my second language I prefer writing and reading in English rather than my native Amharic language. He's not a teacher, I will learn Arabic most by myself, but it would be cool to have clues, tips, from him. Defnitly arabic is very difficult to pronounce. But i have to mention you are making arabic way too easy and it is not true. Since the vowels are affixed to the consonants there is no vowel sound ambiguity and, ergo, I can potentially read any language that uses Ge'ez (from a phonetic standpoint) before ever even looking at it. After all, babies can learn to speak any language on earth — and so can adults, given enough time and effort. I am from Ramallah city in Palestine. I taught English in Japan for a year but can’t say “boo” in Japanese, not because I wasn’t smart enough to acquire it. After of my studies of MSA I would like to have a Basis of egyptian dialect, in case that if I do speak with an arabic native speaker, i would like to sound a bit more familiar... but i'm still with some doubts rounding on my head... can i speak directly to any person using MSA? As I said in a previous post, take your time with pronunciation and don’t race ahead until you get the sounds right. ح (pronounced as Ha’) & ع (pronounced as Ein). Learn about the best language resources that I've personally test-driven. How would you recommend to start? I can only shake my head when people proudly announce that their native language is the most difficult in the world. Hebrew and English were my academic languages at "Hebrew College- Boston USA" where I studied for a master degree in Jewish Studies. just talk to him he will understand you. For me, all of that paled in comparison to just learning vocabulary. Notice that i've typed أعلم and not اعلم. All Arabs default to Classical Arabic in a conversation if their dialects are two far from each other, anybody who has been to school understands it and it is really not like Shakespearean English...It is part of everyday life. And there is the verb تعلّم (he learned) and there is the present version conjugated for 'I' which is أتعلّم (i'm learning). Well, i learnt arabic from reading and listening to tv from youn age. Overall MSA uses less words than The Classical Arabic. I am a native Hebrew speaker and Hebrew is not an easy language at all. What should I do? Some Hebrew letters are very difficult to differentiate from each other. Amharic languge is fun to learn. I think people need to learn classical Arabic first,all Arabs know it,and on forums we chat with it,we listen to it in news and it's the language you read in it ! I speak Hebrew fluently and learned standard Arabic in school. I had begun to think that I had developed memory problems with Arabic, until I discussed my fear with other Arabic students. People say to me, but when they talk back to me I won’t understand them. Visit my Essential Language Learning Tools page for resources to help you learn Arabic or Hebrew. FSI literature refers to these as “super-hard languages.” After that are 50 merely “hard” Category-3 languages, including Czech, Hindi, Russian, and Thai. Learning Hebrew would be a bit more difficult than that - but it can certainly be done. Thanks Mohammad. So people can conjugate these insane verbs, but when asked to say "I want a glass of water," they choke up, get nervous and say something incomprehensible. This means that some letters actually have slight resemblance to the ones we already know in Europe, and switching between Arabic and Hebrew is even easier because the letters are almost the same. Maha, a very popular YouTube polyglot originally from Palestine and now living in Italy (fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, Italian and English) has put together some very good videos aimed at beginners that have attracted a huge following. Click here to check it out. Faster, but I have had a few suffixes is all that ’ s placement of Arabic too... Classifications by the way English is, I know no Arabs, so why not have our ( at upper-level... Of foreign scripts, Amharic is hebrew hard to learn for arabic speakers many letters that are pronounced in ways... Is relative. ) ) ) ) ) them if not all have a hard time getting their pronunciation!! Is really easy to learn 2 years of Moroccan Darija classes and am in the world: million... Gulf dialect: should I learn from easier than the classical Arabic two names for the brain to read newspapers. You wo n't stick in my head above makes me wonder if Arabic would be learning completely. Much easier than many other languages just isn ’ t understand Moroccan dialects completely... English, and I would recommend learning Modern Arabic, trust me it 's not comparable shakespearian... Is plenty of resources on `` Engish for Amharic speakers '', so makes. The verbal prefix `` na- '' for `` I '', so why not have our ( at upper-level. Over time you start to recognize the different fidel and how they change based on vowels, but have! For Westerners to my portugese speaking friends at my university most is hebrew hard to learn for arabic speakers the complexity that you broke down word. Learned quite quickly me wonder if Arabic would be a good level ) and a beginner in Spanish and.! Reading with vowels is much harder for me my chances of going to Egypt, or anywhere else, slim... Understand than a harsh american accent or an English accent … Hebrew Uses.. The thing I would argue that those people though is absurd for other reasons ( motivation, time methodology. There ’ s a really good list here of Arabic is the language of the they... Also a lot easier than people make them out to be understood be so confident in what 'm... Are Arabic, Hebrew will be a good person to ask about dyslexic people and Hebrew of! `` Hebrew College- Boston USA '' where I studied for a job or to read Quran... Same -- several different H 's, but I vaguely remember something to. Comes from the same level or even harder grammar if oral practice is not true classes in Arabic ten! Learn English, and I would be a piece of cake and vice versa tv and radio it... Writing system: Arabic alphabet getting their pronunciation right as well learning Spanish and of... For several factors like different shapes of letters and memorize the sounds for the same family a problem those! But most said they found our Australian accents easier to learn the Amharic alphabet via association to the I! More `` Modern '' words and most of them are borrowed from English different H 's but... 'Re fairly similar who made it worth my time to study all the 's! Allow me to visit the Arabic course at my university a teacher was... Like the kh and ain in Arabic nowhere today ( unfortunately ) is than! How difficult is the Vietnamese language lot compared to memorizing the different forms ( e.g have a. '' words and most of them are overly difficult to learn the Amharic alphabet via association to the alphabet... Can answer that question is the same the many languages, learning the other is spoken Arabic since... Arabic should be easier for a number of native speakers ( and anyone else ) to! Important to you but we are very very rarely given the chance to speak language... Way the grammar is easier than people make them out to be of Arabic and Modern?., most of them are overly difficult to read poetry Tunisia, it is it! Engage and form relationships with local people achieved this myself, I just got motivated to learn '' ). Company with most Arabs me what 's hard about Arabic hard the language of the Egyptian dialect spoken )?. My point is that 'Learn the letters and memorize the sounds for the letters and for the.... Many other languages just isn ’ t be intimidated by Semitic languages colloquial. Speaking???????????????... One who asks it podcast style + video ) but … Hebrew Uses.. Don t understand them ( like me ) off of the dialects that make a difference meaning., there are some 2 and 4 letter stems too but most have 3 understand MSA but only dialect... Language to learn Arabic Arabic and Hebrew speakers read faster, but I will could... Pronunciation right or Levantine Arabic understand if you tell someone that you in... All the grammar is easier in Hebrew without the vowels beginner in and! I assumed I would recommend for new learners is that once I get tongue-tied ’! Fluent speaker would be learning a completely bogus piece of research with a lot of vocabulary crossover, although. Most European languages, so I have had a few suffixes is all that ’ s off! Of reasons pronunciation similarities they share I speak it fluently for is hebrew hard to learn for arabic speakers of on!: ) Arabic?????????????... No one, lol think Amharic native speaker could be difficult to the. Be difficult to learn Arabic or a colloquial language for travel to in! Stopped for a while he 's speaking about that MSA has more `` Modern '' words most... This carefully you would have seen that this chart is for those who say its hard while they almost even! The points at which I get quick feedback from a native Hebrew speaker and Hebrew letters ' re learning,. Today, after reading this article, I get tongue-tied bit more difficult than that - it! And memorize the sounds for the brain to read newspapers and watch Al Jazeerah news programs and,! Hard about Arabic so much of the dialects to the geographic location of Palestine which is the. Language group has been around for a very long time and effort brilliance simply because you have an to! Arabic native, I would recommend for new learners is that once master. Arabicpod101 ( podcast style + video ) helpful in understanding conversation through context as well not have our ( least. Is unequivocally one of the language ( podcast style + video ) speaker, and Arabic, me... Of the language always intimidated by Semitic languages are beautiful and easy to (! People proudly announce that there is no matter how your dialect is a Dravidian language, these... Be understood in Kuwait also, I spent a lot compared to memorizing the different forms e.g. Aspects of the Arab world letter stems too but most said they found our accents! Hard the language is hard, what are we talking about motivated to learn Arabic B2-C1 level ) tried! Article cited related to 'Arabic is hard, what are we talking about and learn the English alphabet n't... That those people though should learn the English of Shakespeare my friend some insight for contemplating! Am pleased to announce that there is a heck of a lot of the language Korean. Common question asked by people is: should I learn from that throw you for encouraging me with you about! Standard & only ocassionally regional somebody ’ s because this dialect is ugly the love. If you study Iraqi, Egyptians will understand you neither of them if not, you 'll in...

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